When some of my past experiences seemed to be catching up with me and I struggled to keep the lid on my emotions I ended up seeing a counsellor. Though tough at times I am pleased I did and it was a very positive experience, so much that I decided to train as a counsellor myself.

I would like to help other have a similar experience.

Counselling can offer a different experience from daily life. A non-judgemental and confidential environment where you can explore your thoughts and emotions. Time for you to increase your self awareness - to learn how you tick and why.

Whether it is a bereavement, a divorce, a string of abusive relationship or an abusive childhood. You may have been attacked, raped, witnessed an accident and suffering night mares and flashbacks.

Trauma can change our life but it doesn't need to stop us from moving on. Seeking help with what is troubling you is a step towards taking control and claiming your life back.